Driven. Driven is the word that best describes who I am. Everything I have accomplished in life can be attributed to my relentless pursuit for advancement. Advancement not in the sense of climbing the career ladder, but advancement in terms continual improvement of mind, body, and spirit.

The DiSC Assessment was taken in March of 2013 and i an assessment tool designed to provide information about my workplace priorities and preferences. The results will fall into one of four categories: Dominance, Influence, Steadines, and Conscientiousness. Each of these categories is subdivided and my individual score determines how strongly associated with that subcategory I truly am.

My assessment placed me right in the middle of the D category. This means that I am moderately included to demonstrate the characteristics associated with the Dominance category. Characteristics of this category include: driven, competitive, willingness to speak up when I notice a problem, self-confidence, leader, willingness to challenge assumptions, and tendency toward bold action.

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