Taken in June of 2013, I took the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Step II test as a part of graduate school. Executive Leadership, lead by Professor Marie Cameron, was an excellent class that taught us about working in teams and leading an organization through multiple scenarios. As a part of this class, we took this test to demonstrate the variability of personalities and approaches when working in a team.

Work teams are not homogeneous, but rather have members with varying levels of experience, unique backgrounds, and approaches to issues. Understanding the dynamics of a team is vital to its success and taking personality tests is just one way to look introspectively at how you approach issues.

What Myers-Briggs preferences do I exhibit?

Myers Briggs Results


The length of the line indicates how clearly I expressed that preference. Therefore, I am very much a thinker as opposed to a feeler, but I judge only a little more than I perceive.

Broadly speaking, people who are ENTJ are logical, analytical, and objectively critical. People similar to me enjoy long-term planning and strategic thinking and strongly prefer being in charge. We get impatient with confusion and inefficiency as well. ¬†However, my personal preferences are a bit more fine-tuned than this. To get more specific, let’s look at the details of each facet below:


Myers Extraversion

Similar to the first graph, the longer the line the more strongly I am towards the descriptor. In this case, I am extremely expressive. If you read through the descriptions you can see that I:

  • Enjoy connecting people who have similar interests
  • Genuinely want people to interact and get to know each other
  • Talk a lot!
  • Am seen by others as cheerful, warm, and humorous
  • Easy to get to know
  • Have many acquaintances
  • Prefer active participation rather than passive observation
  • Learn more by doing, hearing, and asking questions than by reading and writing
  • Prefer communicating in person
  • Show wit and humor when talking to others
  • Enjoy being where the action is


Myers Intuition

Next up is Intuition where you can see I am either extremely leaning towards a descriptor, or right in the middle. I am extremely imaginative and original and not so much realistic or traditional. Digging into these results, it shows that I:

  • Go beyond the surface adn read between the lines
  • Use metaphors to explain my views
  • Make mental leaps and enjoy brainstorming
  • Want to experience what is innovative and different
  • Resourceful in dealing with new and unusual experiences
  • Prefer not doing things the same way twice
  • Readily envision what is needed for the future and enjoy strategic planning
  • Enjoy humor and word games based on nuance
  • Alternate between ideas and their applications
  • Search out new ideas and meanings
  • Place a high value on uniqueness
  • Value cleverness and inventiveness
  • Would rather figure out my own way rather than read directions


Myers Thinking

When it comes to thinking vs. feeling, it is easy to see that I am a thinker. I am off the charts when it comes to reasonable and critical, followed by tough, logical and then questioning. This is due to the fact that I am very analytical and thoughtful when it comes to making decisions. I prefer to understand how things function and the rationale behind decisions and when it isn’t known, I am willing to speak up and ask questions. Diving deeper we see that I:

  • Believe that logical analysis is best for decision making
  • Use hard data to make decisions
  • Zoom in on cause and effect
  • Easily identify the pros and cons of any issue
  • Am clear about my objectives and decisions
  • View situations objectively and analytically
  • Use questions to clarify ideas
  • Am precise in my questions, zeroing in on my discrepancies
  • Take little for granted
  • Like to clarify what is wrong
  • Like to critique
  • Focus firmly on achieving my objective
  • Am results-oriented and focus on the bottom line


Myers Judging


The descriptor that I am the most in the middle is judging and perceiving. Three of the five categories are in-preference with judging (systematic, planful, scheduled) whereas the other two are perceiving (pressure-prompted and emergent). Going into detail, I

  • Plan for the worst case scenario
  • Prepare as to not have any surprises
  • Enjoy looking ahead and planning for the future
  • May enjoy the planning more than the doing
  • Find the pressure of an approaching deadline motivating
  • Prefer to control how I spend my time
  • Enjoy scheduling both work and fun activities
  • Focus on the overall goal rather than the specifics
  • Communicate my thinking in an organized manner so people assume I am prepared thoroughly
  • Wait and see what’s right at the time, but move forward with confidence


The Myers-Briggs that I represent is ENTJ which, according to multiple sources online, is representative of the majority of CEOs throughout the country. While these may change slightly throughout my life, I will most likely remain in the general area. You may read more by reviewing the Wikipedia article by clicking here.