Project Description

Assigned to a specialized Operations Development Program whose primary mission and focus is measured improvement in Patient Access. Executed a variety of both delineated and self-directed initiatives including:

• Developed a Patient Access Training Academy and created a series of sustainable employee incentive programs which collectively resulted in a 26.2% improvement on employee scorecards and an increase in call center agent quality scores from 84.7% to 90.7%.

• Performed comprehensive review and analysis of physician appointment utilization and identified in excess of 250,000 minutes in potential improvements. Implemented and recommended a series of process improvements that increased appointment utilization from 76.6% to 82.7%.

• Served as Project Manager for Emory’s physician and employee priority referral initiatives. Developed standard operating procedures and marketing strategies that resulted in a 45% combined increase in utilization of both initiatives and a 533% increase in employee utilization in less than 12 weeks; grew the number of participating physicians by 74.5%.

• Responsible for the conversion and integration of provider and resource schedules for newly acquired multispecialty medical groups onto Emory’s IDX scheduling platform using Emory’s access standards.

• Developed initiatives designed to improve transparency between call center managers and employees and improve employee morale and engagement in the change management process.