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Supplemental Instructor – Chemistry

Recruited by the Director of Supplemental Education, based on outstanding reputation for knowledge of chemistry and the ability to communicate effectively to large audiences of varying technical abilities, to assist in the development of an educational program designed to stimulate interest in, and help student’s proficiency with, difficult chemistry concepts. Success of the program was validated when personally invited to continue the development and expansion of the program from a trial class to a large-scale integration within the university chemistry research program.

Physical Chemistry Researcher

Hired to re-energize and lead a previously stagnant research project with a history of limited results; trained in various techniques and instrumentation to aid in the identification and analysis of various chemical compounds. Led the orientation of all new team members and selected to represent the research group at the 235th ACS national conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Primary focus of research was on carboxylic acid derivatives using X-Ray Crystallography as the primary means of identification. During tenure, four compounds were isolated and solved with professional publications currently pending.