President, Future Healthcare Executives


After a successful tenure as Community Service Chair, I was nominated and elected as President of the Future Healthcare Executives (FHE) group for the school year 2013-2014. As President, I am responsible for overseeing all operations of the organization and developing the vision for the year.

I will have the privilege of speaking to all new MBA/MHA students at Georgia State’s annual orientation, presenting to the Institute of Health Administration Alumni Board of Directors, and attending a limited capacity Q&A with Quint Studer of the Studer Group.

Member Relations Committee Representative, Georgia Association of Healthcare Executives


Starting in 2013, I became involved in the Member Relations Committee for the local chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). My responsibilities will include assisting in the organization of monthly member events, reaching out to new members to gain a better understanding of how we can tailor our events to them, and volunteer at various events.

My primary responsibility will center around the Student Task Force. Within this subcommittee, I will be traveling to regional schools recruiting undergraduate and graduate students to join ACHE as a student member. In addition, I will help provide the resources they will need to make a long lasting impact in healthcare.

Community Service Chair, Future Healthcare Executives


From 2012-2013 I served as the Community Service Chair for the Future Healthcare Executives (FHE) group. The Future Healthcare Executives group a student interest group at Georgia State University. Comprised of roughly 120 members, the organization brings in speakers and hosts networking events.

During my tenure as Community Service Chair, we brought in the CEO of United Healthcare and an Administrator from The Emory Clinic. In the fall we were able to host a Toys for Tots event in which we were able to make a sizable donation.

American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)

Active member of the local chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), Georgia Association of Healthcare Executives (GAHE). Attend monthly luncheon meetings and soon hope to take an active role as the leader of the Student Task Force.

Attended the national meeting, Congress, in Chicago in 2013.

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)

Active member of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) since 2011

Community Service and Philanthropy Chair

Immediately upon entering graduate school I joined an organization called the Future Healthcare Executives. This group has a tripartite goal: 1) To expose future medical executives to the many different career paths within healthcare, 2)To allow these future executives a chance to network with each other, and 3) To volunteer and give back to the community.


Spirit Team


Employee morale is extremely important to maintain in the workplace. Happy employees are productive employees and in large organizations it can be difficult to maintain. At the Emory Clinic, the building that housed a lot of the support staff (Patient Financial Services, one of the three Call Centers, and Revenue Cycle teams), had over 600 employees and had a group of ten employees who made up the Spirit Team. This team organized recognition and appreciation events for the employees. This involved working with vendors, senior leadership, and working with a tight budget.


Class Officer – Historian


At the start of the school year at the Medical College of Georgia nominations were held for the class officers. I was elected as class Historian, a position which involved attending all class activities and documenting it. In addition to this, I was an active participant with the other class historians in weekly meetings which involved working with our Professors, Vice-chairs, and Directors to help guide our class through medical school.

College Student Interest Group in Neurology

In 2007 I contacted the American Academy of Neurology and founded the College Student Interest Group at Georgia Southern University. I am fascinated by the brain and how we, as humans, can formulate thought, put a string of words together that have meaning, how we can think and plan, and remember things. This fascination drove me to form this college student interest group as  I prepared for medical school. This group allowed me the opportunity to meet with a number of experienced neurologists and neurosurgeons in Georgia.

American Chemical Society

As a chemistry major, it was important for me to be around students who shared similar interests. The local chapter of the American Chemical Society, Southern Chemical Society, was an organization I quickly identified as one to join.

My involvement was as an active student member; actively participating in monthly meetings.  Through this experience I was able to meet a lot of people who were valuable resources throughout my college career. Additionally, monthly meetings allowed members an opportunity to discuss the various research projects we were involved in, leading to breakthroughs and new approaches.